Blog | CoreFirst in Washington: Trip Two

Our first meeting with Representative Thompson’s (CA-05) staffer, Jesse Halladay, went well. He expressed interest not only in the technology of CoreFirst, but also the potential for a public-private partnership (i.e. bond concept for sanctuary financing). Mr. Halladay suggested we approach Wired, Inc. and Fast Company to get our idea out to a slightly different audience with people who would be interested in our idea. Staffers Devin Rhinerson from Senator Feinstein’s office and Denise Braemer from Senator Boxer’s office will assist us in researching legislative initiatives regarding earthquake mitigation, and being from California, they expressed interest in being kept abreast of our approach to seismic upgrades and progress on implementation. The most important meeting of the trip was with Steven McCabe, Kevin Wong and Jay Harris of the National Earthquake Hazard Research Program (NEHRP) a branch of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). They asked for the engineering data collected by our engineering firm, KPFF, and encouraged us to make the CoreFirst approach a part of the national conversation on earthquake hazard mitigation.