CoreFirst | Introduction

CoreFirst is a new earthquake and natural disaster protection system designed to enable existing public and private buildings to provide critical, lifesaving shelter in the case of an unforeseen event, and at a fraction of the cost of a conventional seismic upgrade.

CoreFirst can be installed in approximately three months and immediately provides a safe place for a building’s occupants should a natural (or manmade) disaster occur. CoreFirst sanctuaries are designed to be the building’s lateral stability feature, meaning that if a full upgrade is desired and funded in the future, then CoreFirst can be viewed as the first phase of a phased process, however one with immediate utility.

The present practice of “drop, cover and hold” does not work if a building, or a part of a building, collapses. Because the attention is concentrated in certain areas, the CoreFirst sanctuaries are stronger structure than a fully seismically upgraded building. Coupled with an Earthquake Early Warning System (EEWS), CoreFirst will forewarn and protect the building’s inhabitants.

School systems, and other buildings, now have the peace of mind that comes with being fully prepared and protected in the case of natural disaster—and for approximately 25% of the cost.

Introducing CoreFirst.

Patent number: US 8,739,477. Patent pending in Canada.


CoreFirst Introduction.