What is CoreFirst?

A modular earthquake protection system for existing buildings that provides safety, shelter and communications during a seismic event for a fraction of the cost of a full upgrade.

CoreFirst is the first phase of a full seismic upgrade. It is a simple reordering of the presently practiced phased approach in order to supply safety on day-one, as opposed to after the completion of a full seismic upgrade (which could take decades).

CoreFirst is a direct response to the natural and man-made disasters that have happened around the world. We, as a society, need to respond to these disasters not by constructing what has always been constructed again, but rather by thinking holistically and by building resilience directly into the community level, thereby significantly reducing the potential of risks in the future.

CoreFirst offers immediate safety at a fraction of the cost (approximately 25%) of a standard upgrade with our cartridge-like “sanctuary” system.

Patent pending.