Supporting Video Info

This first video clearly depicts our thinking regarding CoreFirst, as opposed to “drop, cover and hold.” It appears as though the children’s training came into consideration until the threat seemed too great for the protection that they were entrusting. View

This one shows an auditorium emptying out during an earthquake. Watch the difference between those that choose to move and those that perhaps are confused by the message of staying put. Note the exiting doorway is almost directly to the exterior. View

A very interesting one showing a dog’s ability to pre-sense the earthquake (most likely the P-waves) followed by everyone on the move to easily exit the building. View

This one again shows the difference between people who choose to move and those that don’t. It appears as though those people that choose to move do so with relative ease. View

This video shows quite a few people in movement (great distances) during massive earthquakes. These appear to be in Haiti where the buildings are not built as well as here in the United States. Note, however, even in what appears to be in a very old masonry palace, the amount of movement prior to the eventual collapse. View

This is an amazing one showing the “liquefaction” of the earth. However, people are still moving freely—as are cars and bicycles! View

This one shows people easily leaving an office building. View