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ShakeAlarm® is a robust, affordable earthquake early warning system that provides up to two minutes advance warning in the event of an earthquake.

The ShakeAlarm® system recognizes and quantifies the faster but lower-energy seismic P-wave, which is the precursor to the more damaging S-wave. When used in conjunction with industrial or civil infrastructure control systems, these crucial seconds of warning can be leveraged to minimize runaway failure modes in critical structures, shut down gas and electricity feeds to infrastructure, thereby minimizing fire risk to assets after a seismic event.

For commercial buildings, the ShakeAlarm system, after detecting a P-wave, will:

  • Immediately send a warning text message to the cell phone of every building occupant (regardless of whether he or she is in the building)
  • Automatically shut down gas and electricity
  • Automatically return elevators to ground level
  • Open any metered doors
  • Activate backup power systems

To find out more about ShakeAlarm, please email or call 503.234.4758.

Video | ShakeAlarm

ShakeAlarm installation.


Warning Time Depends on Distance to Quake.